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Frequently Asked Questions

DLL is short of Dynamic Link Library. It contains code for most commonly used functions of an application. These files are found in computers running on Microsoft Windows operating system and are core part of the OS.

Yes, all the DLL files available on is 100% free to download and use. The copyright of these files are owned by the repsective makers of the software.

The process is pretty straightforward. You can read in detail about the process here: How to install DLL files?

You can use Microsoft Windows Visual Studio or Visual Studio Online to view, edit and build code into a DLL file. Note that when you import the DLL files to these programs, they will automatically be converted to C# Programming language.

We have worked hard to make sure that the files you download from are safe. At the same time, please note that we also get many files from our users. So, please be catious while using the DLL files. It is always advised to scan the dll files you download from the internet before using them.